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Kingston upon Hull, often shortened to just 'Hull', is the largest city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, north England. It is located on the River Hull on the northern bank of the Humber estuary and has a population of 257,000.

The city's economy developed from seafaring, and its industry is focused on the chemical and health care sectors. As well as being a busy port, Kingston upon Hull is a major transport hub and attraction for shoppers.

The city has an impressive Museum Quarter, a Premier League football team and has produced a number of successful bands. It is also the UK's only city with its own independent telephone network company, Kingston Communications, whose phone boxes are a distinctive cream colour instead of the usual red.

Historically Kingston upon Hull was an early setting for battle in the English Civil Wars, and was the backdrop to events leading to the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. During the Second World War, Hull suffered extensive bombing damage with 1200 deaths and nearly two-thirds of its 320,000 population being made homeless. By contrast, the neighbouring town of Grimsby on the opposite side of the Humber, suffered much less damage as the German Luftwaffe used its Dock Tower as a landmark and wanted to keep Grimsby's infrastructure in place for a possible invasion. Nevertheless most of Hull was rebuilt soon afterwards.

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